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Australia’s favourite party wave is back for a third turn around the country, with an expanded run of dates and one helluva team of 2020 in tow!
Travelling alongside the World Surf League Australian tour, The Drop 2020 will take an allstar lineup of Aussie legends to Noosa, Newcastle, Manly, Coolangatta, Torquay and Bussleton across February, March and April.

Get ready to slap on your sunscreen and party with…


In 2008 THE PRESETS lit up the music world with their chart-topping LP ‘Apocalypso’ and hit single ‘My People’. Setting new standards for dance music, this album took out 5 ARIA awards as well as the coveted J Award for Album of The Year. In June 2018 they released their fourth studio album ‘HI VIZ’ which debuted at #1 on the iTunes chart and the tracks ‘Do What You Want’, ’14U+14ME’ and ‘Downtown Shutdown’ proceeded to blow up the triple j airwaves. They recently released their collaborative ‘RAKA EP’ with Golden Features, featuring lead single ‘Paradise’ – which became the most played song on triple j within weeks of its release. The Presets are bona fide national treasures and they’re bringing the party to The Drop 2020!

The Presets

After firmly cementing themselves in the Australian music scene with a run of chart topping albums and hit singles including ‘Southern Sun’, ‘Walk the Wire’ and ‘Feeding Line’, multi ARIA award winning band BOY & BEAR were forced to take a four year hiatus due to serious health concerns. But now they are very much back, with an acclaimed new album ‘Suck On Light’. Boy & Bear will hit the road across Europe before heading home to play for fans at The Drop.

Boy & Bear

Four J-award album nominations, sold-out headline tours, nine appearances in Triple J’s Hottest 100, renowned performances at major festivals around the world and five critically acclaimed studio albums have made Brisbane’s BALL PARK MUSIC one of the most respected acts in the country. There’s no doubt you’ve had one of their vibrant indie-rock anthems stuck in your head for weeks at some stage. Think ‘She Only Loves Me When I’m There’, ‘It’s Nice To Be Alive’, ‘Exactly How You Are’ and so many more! Get ready for a BPM singalong in the sand!

Ball Park Music

ALLDAY’s debut album, ‘Startup Cult’, landed a #3 spot on the ARIA Charts and spawned hit singles ‘Right Now’ and ‘You Always Know The DJ’ while his second full-length project, ‘Speeding’, scored another top 10 chart debut with hit singles ‘Sides’, ‘Raceway’ and the incredible ‘In Motion’. With his recently released third album, ‘Starry Night Over the Phone’, Allday established himself as one of the most exciting and beloved rappers in Australia. With three top ten charts and multiple gold certified singles, its no wonder Allday is able to pack out big rooms all over the country. Get ready to take in the Allday juggernaut when he hits the stage at The Drop!


From a start playing gigs at house parties DZ DEATHRAYS has become one of the most loved rock acts in Australia. They’ve released four records, won multiple ARIA Awards, toured the world countless times, supported The Foo Fighters and have even collaborated with a Wiggle. Firm festival favourites, they’ve played multiple times at Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, Laneway and more and tracks like ‘Total Meltdown’, ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ and ‘Like People’ never fail to deliver! With DZ the party never dies.

DZ Deathrays

When she’s not surfing, KITA ALEXANDER writes wistful, sophisticated pop songs that are never too far removed from the ocean. With two EPs, acclaimed singles and over 80 million streams already behind her, in May Kita released ‘Between You & I’.

Kita Alexander

GRAACE’s break came from collaborating with the the likes of Hayden James and Flight Facilities but she’s since carved out her own space with tracks like ‘Last Night’, ‘Have Fun At Your Party’ and ‘Numb’ racking  up tens of millions of streams. Catch GRAACE’s vulnerable but powerful music at The Drop 2020.


Grab your best mates and prepare to follow the coast for an epic lineup of Australian artists at some of the best beaches in the world!


Noosa – Saturday 29 February
Newcastle – Saturday 7 March
Manly – Saturday 14 March
Coolangatta – Saturday 28 March
Torquay – Saturday 11 April
Busselton – Saturday 25 April




Ash: You’ve been around the Rap scene for quite a while now and I know that you pretty much grew up surrounded by it, in Adelaide, how would you describe the evolution of your style or your sound? 

Allday: I don’t know, um…I guess I started, not really knowing much about music and I was just sort of, a kid that knew or figured out how to rap and over time, I guess I sort of tried to learn more and experiment more with different sounds and take more control of production so doing this helped me evolve and grow as an artist.

Ash: You’re in this years line-up for The Drop Festival, I’m interested to know; what’s the touring experience like for you considering that you’re based in Los Angeles?

Allday: Actually, you know what? I have recently just moved back to Melbourne so it’s not as far. It wasn’t that fun having to take the 14 hour flight every time I did a gig….yeah it became quite frustrating but my touring experiences have taken me to a lot of cool places around the world and I’ve even to almost every town in Australia and it’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do that through music.

Ash: You’ve done a decent amount of travelling in Australia and overseas, I bet you’ve met some interesting people – who would be the most interesting/memorable person you’ve met so far?

Allday: hrm…wow, that’s hard to say because there have been so many people, I have met so many different people. Ive been touring since 2014 and there’s been a lot of really cool musicians that I have been able to meet…let me see…ASAP Rocky, meeting him was pretty cool…and umm…I’m trying to think of interesting people but I don’t really recall right now of one particular person because I find everybody interesting really.

Ash: What’s your favourite song to perform?

Allday: There’s a lot of songs that I love to perform but at the moment it would be ‘In Motion’ Because that’s a popular one that people sing along to, yeah, that’s probably my favourite.

Ash: Do you get nervous before you go on stage?

Allday: I think so.’s not really….if you don’t get nervous then you’re not really ready for what you’re doing and what you’re about to undertake, um, I think the nerves kind of help you turn into the different persona that you need to be or actually for me, I need to sort of get out of my normal self and get into performance mode so the nerves, you know, kick you into action.

Ash: Yeah, I guess they would give you that adrenaline to be able to do that and also, to me, I feel like if you’re nervous then it’s something that is important to you, that you really care about and that you really want to go well so over time you learn how to feed off your nerves.

Allday: Exactly. Once you’re no longer nervous, you’re just dead in the heart and you probably don’t want to do it anymore.

Ash: What is the creative process like for you in terms of song writing and production?

Allday: It kind of varies, sometimes I’ll be up with a producer and maybe we’ll have an idea about what kind of tempo or what kind of story I want to tell…and then, other times I might maybe start something myself and then take it back to the studio with me. I don’t really finish my own productions, I usually take it to someone else to finish it and so yeah, it can kind of vary. I try to just make sure that I write every day so I stay sharp.

Ash: I’ve seen some of your YouTube cooking videos, the chubby chronicles and you use Tik Tok a fair bit too…you’re a funny guy by the way – what made you decide to do the cooking videos though?

Allday: Um…<Allday laughs>…the inspiration is pretty simple, it’s coz the kitchen in the house that we moved into just ah, we thought, it looked like how a kitchen would look on TV cooking shows so we thought “oh that’s funny it looks like a TV set why don’t we do a cooking show” <Allday laughs>…

Ash: Oh so it’s actually your kitchen <Ash Laughs> I thought it was a set <BOTH LAUGH>

Allday: Yeah, it’s really my kitchen and people seemed to like the cooking shows and responded to it, I think, because I was sooo bad at cooking but overtime, I got better at cooking and yeah, I’m an alright cook now, I think and now I don’t know if the show is going to continue on anymore because I’m a good cook.

Ash: If you could change anything about the music scene or industry in Australia, what would you do?

Allday: If I could change anything? <long pause> I would elevate people. People of colour and Women at a grass roots level that nabs kids and encourages them while they’re growing up to, you know, get into bands and then also at a higher level in the industry so that there’s more an even playing field that provides not only Australia but the rest of the world too with a much more diverse, accurate representation of the talent that exists throughout this country.

Ash: Do you have any advice for young people today who want to make a career in the music industry?

Allday: There A3 a lot of things that I wish someone had told me when I was younger but I would say that you should focus on making songs that people respond to emotionally and get attached to. Don’t worry so much about all of the other stuff because that will fall into line, start by ensuring there is emotional substance in yourself and your song writing.

Ash: Do you think it’s important for them to have formal training in music?

Allday: Not as a song writer no, if you’re a song writer you just need to study yourself, ah…I don’t think that you need to pursue formal qualifications or training, I think that it could be a big waste of time but it depends, you know, what type of way you learn, but, I think that sometimes the best qualifications come from life, from living music. You know, like, listening to music and analysing it..listening to it, analysing it, writing music yourself…living life and letting what you lived shine through in your writing and music.

Ash: What would you like your legacy as a musician and a person to be?

Allday: <long pause> I’m not sure if I believe in myself as one who will leave a legacy but I think that I would like to, at the end of my career, whenever that is, to just have a good body of work that maybe impacts in the times and that has stuff that people can look back on and still enjoy. As a person, I’m no so ambitious – the one ambition for me is music and I don’t really know if I believe that musicians can change the world, like, I don’t think that I’m that important but I do, as a person, like to do my bit to improve the environment and to improve animal welfare. I also like to think that we should work to improve social welfare and equality but I’m not necessarily of the belief that musicians can do all that much…

Ash: Thank you so much for chatting with me and we’re really looking forward to your performance at The Drop Festival in Busselton on April 25th – hopefully we get another chance to chat or meetup ahead of the event but if not, have fun, stay safe and thank you for being your amazing self.

Allday: You’re welcome Ash, thanks for chatting with me and yeah hopeful we’ll talk again soon.



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