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Eccentric and brash, Eli Greeneyes has recently announced his deeply confessional new single 21, a chaotic yet content exploration into getting older and losing control.  The moving single is accompanied by a scenic video clip, filmed in collaboration with the artist’s closest friends.  After a relocation back home due to COVID-19, the release of 21 feels poignant – a young person wondering what on earth is going to happen next.

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Jack: So Eli Greeneyes, love the new single 21, I’m getting a little hint of brit-pop here, and some serious late 90s vibes in the best possible way! Can you tell me a little about the recording process that helped you achieve that?

Eli Greeneyes: It’s funny cause the programmed beat is a trap beat If I showed you it on its own. There are obviously acoustic drums in they’re too though! As for the recording process to me the best ones are songs that just happen really quickly when they’re recorded and I kind of don’t really know how it happens but I just follow my gut and my instinct, 21 is much like that. Also I was born in 94 with my parent’s huge cd collection of greatest hits albums and listening to the radio so to me my natural instinct is to make everything sound as anthemic as possible! it has to be MEGA! 

Jack: Can you give me an insight into what 21 is about?

Eli Greeneyes: 21 is about changing and growing into yourself as an individual and young adult and being bloody terrified in the process. I also realised that I had been using all of my energy my whole life out of trauma and anxiety of things that happened to me as a child, not really out of excitement! I was just depressed and quite a careful and almost jumpy kid.

Jack: Do you have a creative process when writing music? How was 21 written?

Eli Greeneyes: A lot of the time I just pick up a guitar while I’m drinking a coffee and just start singing some phrases! 21 was written with me on a guitar in around 15 minutes and for about the first 5 minutes the chorus was originally the verse. As soon as I sang it loud “HELLO, IM A WEIRDO………I was like “oh nah that’s the chorus” and then had to kinda write backwards from it. from there I wrote probably another 3 songs that came out in similar ways that start with the chorus basically! For me, the best ones are the ones that come out so quickly that you can’t write fast enough, to the point where you have no control over what’s happening that the song feels like it’s writing itself. It’s almost like some god in the clouds just drops it in your lap and you listen back to it freaking outgoing “that’s amazing!” like you’re just listening to it and didn’t write it at all, MEGA! 

Jack: Where do you draw your influences from?

Eli Greeneyes: literally anywhere and anything. Music or just people in your life it doesn’t really matter to me. I used to have to write from quite a dark place to get all my best shit out because it helped get my anger out from having a bit of a rough start as a kid. Now I honestly feel if somebody said “righto write a song about this leaf then” I’d be like DONE! and it’s a smash! probably not but I just feel really good about my writing at the moment and who I’m becoming as an artist!

Jack: The music video is giving off some amazing early Jamiroquai vibes with the performance to a fisheye lens, what was the inspiration for that one?

Eli Greeneyes:  Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to videos so I had to learn about how you get the sped up looking shots and what frame rates blah blah all that bullshit. This whole clip was just my mate Connor Maher and my girlfriend Alex Maher and I just trying stuff out till it looked decent! 

Jack: Where was this shot? Looks lush!

Eli Greeneyes: All shot around inner Bunbury in WA. I moved to WA from VIC to be closer to family right before the borders closed. My dad had cancer and my grandmother was also ill so COVID had something to do with the move but not really the reason I came back. 

Jack: What do you like to do when you’re not playing music?

Eli Greeneyes: Yoga, work out, keep fit, cook, drink whiskey, laugh with friends I love to paint also but haven’t really done much lately. I’m definitely gonna get back into it! I also surf but that’s taken a back seat from the rock n roll! 

Jack: Who are you listening to at the moment, and your favourite release of 2020?

Eli Greeneyes: Been listening to that band called WAAX! my god they’re a great band! Great songs and killer lead vocal! I like the slow rush album by Tame Impala too! that song… “ON TRACK” resonates with me like a bloody reflection mate! 

Jack: Do you have any plans to hit the road in 2021?

Eli Greeneyes: ABSOLUTELY! would love to meet all the people who are listening to my passionate rambles! playing live is a huge part of this for me! connecting with people! 

Jack: What’s next for Eli Greeneyes?

Eli Greeneyes: Write hits, be better and just live how I wanna! be myself and let others know that they’re not alone! TO THE SKY! x E 

Jack: Thanks for the chat, looking forward to hearing your next release!


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