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Around The Sound was founded in December 2016 by Andrew Thompson (who?) and Bob Gordon (respected music journalist and WA cultural icon).  We set out with the goal of swimming against the tide of click-bait journalism and bringing back the long-form piece.

What we wanted to do was give bands and artists the due deference that their artistry deserves.  And we wanted to have a main focus on WA musicians, without ignoring what’s happening nationally and internationally.

How are we doing?  We don’t really know, but we think we’re doing OK (at least) and the comments and feedback we get from readers and musicians alike seem to support that.

No one has told us to take our quills and go home just yet!

As we close in on Around The Sound’s second anniversary, we wanted to reflect for a short moment on what we’ve done over the last almost two years.

Around The Sound provides paid employment for journalists, graphic designers, website developers, photographers and videographers.  We don’t believe in working for exposure, so we pay the professionals who create our content.

We have profiled many WA bands and artists, either publishing extended pieces on our website or sharing their music via our social media channels.  At the time of writing, we have just started compiling a Spotify playlist to profile the music of WA artists.  We’re for WA; we live here and we see the flower that is WA music in bloom.

We’ve also profiled interstate and international bands and artists, from the likes of The Boss to Nick Cave to Bob Dylan and Johnny Marr.  Around The Sound has access all areas when the big names roll into town.

We cover everything from the maybe-could-be to the mega popular.  A colleague once asked us whether we’d cover Ed Sheeran if we had the chance.  Our answer was, YES! In a heartbeat.  We’re still waiting …  But, the point is, we’re for everything and everyone, not just the obscure and arcane.  We want to write about stuff that’s seeing the light of day and stuff that we really hope will see the light of day some time very soon.

We have a growing audience.  We’re still small(ish), but we’re pleased to see that, compared to other similar outlets we more than hold our own in terms of audience engagement via our website and social media outlets.  We’re alive and viable and we’re humbled by your support.  We intend to keep growing and we’d like you to come with us on the journey.

And, yes, we do want something from you in return.

We live in an age where social media engagement is (almost) everything. If you see one of our posts in your feed, please consider giving it a like or making a comment and sharing with your friends.  Also, if you have friends on Facebook you think would like what we do here at Around The Sound, we’d love your guts for ever if you asked them to like our page.

One thing you may have noticed is that we’ve started carrying some advertising on our website.  We believe that Around The Sound now has enough audience engagement to justify charging a reasonable rate for advertising.  We’d like it very much if, as a musician or business, you would consider placing some advertising for your releases, launches, gigs, products and services on Around The Sound and our companion site, Gig Sauce.  Rates for gig promotion start at $10 per week and will help you gain visibility in a central location, instead of having to hide in the dark and dusty corners of the Internet.

Something we will never do is send you a message saying we’re interested in your work and, when you reply, all excited by the interest, send you our advertising rate card telling you how much space you need to buy if you’d like to have us interview you.  We will always keep our journalism and the filthy lucre of advertising separate.

But we’d like it very much if you would consider Around The Sound next time you’re working on your advertising budget.  And, if you’re a WAM member, you can get discounted rates on Around The Sound here and on Gig Sauce, here.

So, here’s to almost two years in existence.  We’re going early, because we’re a forgetful lot and also because we’re beginning a campaign to expand our audience and increase advertising revenue on our site.  At least we’re being honest.  Why?  Because that’s in line with our values as human beings and professionals. And, also, because we believe we add value.  If you’d like to have your brand on our sites, please get in touch with Andrew on or 0411 537 850.

Here’s to the next (2)2 years.

Have a gander at some of our video interviews while you’re here.

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