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Experimental Sydney-based duo Plastic Face recently released their brooding, delightfully bizarre new single HiiViSiON, an intriguing exploration into a very strange state of mind.  The mysterious duo have also released a stunning clip to accompany the track, written and directed by Sean Donovan.

HiiViSiON makes an immediate impact with the curious opening lyric ‘Have you ever seen a rat trying to fly?’  Evocative of 90s house music, but with hints of modern Australian influences such as Tame Impala and Flume, Plastic Face are carving out a very special, unique niche for themselves.  Should the listener dance, or listen contemplatively, or do both at the same time?  It’s up to the individual, as Plastic Face explain, “The song isn’t really about someone, it’s more a state of mind.  This year has been so bananas it kind of represents our feeling towards it…Life and experiences make us tick, strange and unique.” Jack Pierce of the Pierce Brothers sits down for a chat with Plastic Face.

Jack: So Plastic Face, love the name, is there a story to it?

Plastic Face: Thanks legends ! We love the ‘Around The Sound’ name too ! Oh there’s a story alright…. We grew up deep in the Red Mountain Forest just next to the Third Mountain Sister.

Just like clockwork us sister boys William and Peter, every evening at sundown would listen to our father Craig David Davidson tell wondrous stories, stories of hope and sadness, sometimes stories of a murderous scorpion king monkey man woman named “Julie” who would come out of his swamplands one new moon per year and drink the souls of our fellow Red Mountain men and woman out of a golden chalice shaped like an Atlantic whale penis.

Apparently drinking souls out of the whale penis shaped chalice gave the scorpion king “Julie” special powers. On one particular new moon we Red Mountain forest folk went out hunting for snakeskin boots in the forest, deep into the hunt we were confronted by the king man woman swamp lord “Julie”.

We had the customary dance battle when we initially were confronted and luckily our moves were on point that night. “Julie” the Scorpion King granted us one wish in return for not eating our souls and also kept telling us that we were great dancers. Our wish was to both wear masks for the rest of our lives so we could keep on dancing really well without people hassling us in Coles or Woollies for dance move requests and autographs.

Jack: Your new single Hiivision is quite the dark horse, can you give me an insight into what the song is about?

Plastic Face: It is quite the dark horse, it’s funny you mention horses. We are quite fond of horseys, we released a song just before HiiViSiON that was titled “2HEADEDHORSE”, check it out when you have a sec 🙂 HIIVISION was written right smack bang in the Covid pandemic , we were both pretty over being locked away so we created something to express our frustrations and also our desires. It isn’t particularly about someone or something, it’s more a state of mind.

Jack: How was Hiivision written?

Plastic Face: We wrote HIVISION in different cities away from each other,  we’d send ideas via the Internet using Gmail, google chrome, safari and Firefox. It’s all pretty hi tech these days we don’t really understand how the internet works. But we’d use it to our advantage and send demos to each other until we came up with the final version that to you can hear today.

Jack: Do you have a creative process when writing music?

Plastic Face: We certainly do. We firstly like to start with a fire ceremony, cover ourselves in clag glue and dance around the fire naked and begin chanting mantras from deep within our souls. Something like “Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Ffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace” over and over until we both passout. When we awake, we begin writing.

Jack: Where do you draw your influences from?

Plastic Face: We draw influences from everything in everyday life. It’s not just music we seek influence from we get it from movies, podcasts, conspiracy films, cats, dogs, our friends, random people on the bus, anywhere and absolutely everywhere. Life in general is constantly influencing us.

Jack: The music video is giving off some epic David Lynch vibes, what was the inspiration for that one?

Plastic Face: There are some seriously big dick Dave Lynch vibes! The HiiViSiON video was written and directed by one of our close friends Sean Clancy Donovan. The inspiration behind the video was to create something unique, something the viewer could lose themselves in and finish the video thinking. “What the hell just happened”. Before they know it they’re watching it again and again. The song was written right smack bang in the middle of covid, Pete had just fled NZ and was in quarantine, Will was playing around with this beat and Pete was screwing around with this guitar progression, it just came together so smoothly, we banged it out in about 2 weeks.

Jack: Favourite artist you’d like to collaborate with?

Plastic Face: Easy. Prince

Jack: Who are you listening to at the moment AND favourite release of 2020?

Plastic Face: We listen to anything and everything , Coupla newish artists would be – Zhu, Tame Impala, Rosolia,  Nicholas Jarr, Sabrina Claudio, The Internet, Theo Parish, Arca, Chemical Brothers, Princess Nokia, The War On Drugs, Jungle, Nick Cave, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, Childish Gambino, Gesaffelstein,  Octavian, Sleaford Mods, Disclosure, The Chats. Favourite 2020 record let’s keep it local – Kylie’s new record…

Jack: Any plans to tour on the cards?

Plastic Face: Yeah certainly is ! 2021 will see us start touring nationally in support of our debut record release early in the year.

Jack: What’s next from Plastic Face?

Plastic Face: A couple more singles/videos, our debut record, and a heap of shows ! Keep an eye out

Thanks for the interview, Pete and Will x




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