Soda Lee, singer with Perth original hard rock outfit, Beltane Fire, has been running ‘POWER OF THREE’ original showcase events since 2012.  The next event is coming up at The Rosemount’s Bar 4Five9 on 8 March, where Lee’s band Beltane Fire will be supported by The Stanleys and psychedelic grungers, Electric State.

A veteran of the WA music industry, Lee remains upbeat about the future of original live music in Perth.  “Live music will never end.  Have a look at what’s happening in music schools, there’s so many people coming through and they’ll all need somewhere to play.”

Lee’s optimism swims against a tide of pessimism around the health of live music in Perth.  Perhaps it has something to do with her life experience.  “I lost my voice for five years, I was told I’d never get it back.  I needed surgery on my vocal cords.  When I did recover my ability to sing it was like my light came back.  So here we are now, never say never.”

Initially formed by Lee as a recording project, Beltane Fire rapidly became a dynamic live act.  “We’re all about hard rock,” said Lee, “Our songs tell stories and I put them across theatrically.  We’re just good players with no egos and we all love hard rock.”

If you love hard rock, check out Beltane Fire on 8 March.

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