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Old Blood
Old Blood

“It’s 2020, the world is on fire,” was Old Blood front man, Tony Papa-Adams’, opening salvo. Around The Sound was checking in with him before what could be said to be something of a comeback show for the band on 18 January at Freo.Social.  “We’re on track to have one of the hottest summers in the history of the planet, so we thought, let’s be conscious that we do have a part to play in what’s happening with planet, us as a band and individually.  It’s probably only a small percentage of difference that it makes, but hopefully it does make a difference and it helps people to take that message and use that same stuff in their day to day lives.”

We still love what we do and we still love each other

Tony Papa-Adams, Old Blood

Papa-Adams was referring to the reduce consumerism art showcase that will be part of the Sweet ‘N’ Sour Tower Of Power event they’re set to headline at Freo.Social. 

“Music is all about message and story, and so is art, and if that message can be shifted towards getting people to be more aware of their surroundings and the environment, then we’re all for it.”

Speaking to Papa-Adams after what has been quite a lengthy hiatus for Old Blood, you get the feeling that he and his bandmates are returning a bit wiser, inevitably a bit older (the day we spoke was Papa-Adams’ birthday and he didn’t mention it once!), and with even more fire in their blues pumping bellies than ever before.

“It feels amazing to be back into it.  I had a little girl last year and it took a lot for me to get used to in terms of how to structure my life.  Unfortunately, the band had to take a bit of a back seat.  It was actually really good for us to reassess.  Most bands in our position can go either way, they either continue or they can fizzle out.

“We still love what we do and we still love each other, which is important.  We really are the best of friends.  We are comrades.  We still have unfinished business and we’ve still got amazing things to share, stories to tell.  We started slowly, did a couple of shows to warm ourselves back into it and the response was pretty overwhelming and really inspired us to keep going.  We’ve got lots of new music to share.”

Papa-Adams let slip that a new album is due out in 2020, news that will please Old Blood’s loyal fanbase no end.  The band launched their debut album, Live at RADA Studios, in July 2016, so it’s been a while. 

Expect to hear a slew of new music at this comeback gig.

Old Blood’s Sweet ‘N’ Sour Tower Of Power happens at Freo.Social on Saturday 18 January and also features Crucial Rockers, MYTHS, Adrian Dzvuke, Nika Mo, Nicole Filev and Bee Rizzi.

Not only is the event supporting conscious consumption at the event, part proceeds from ticket sales are also going to Support Act, a charity that provides support for musicians and people who work in the music industry.

“Support Act do an amazing job with helping local musicians and artists in times of toughness,” Papa-Adams said.  “These bushfires are a perfect example.  You’ve got musicians who live out in the affected areas, their sole income comes from the arts — not just musicians, but painters and sculptors and all the rest — and let’s say their house and studio has been destroyed by fire, that’s where Support Act come to the fore and provide direct support to those artists. 

Even if you’re a struggling musician and you’re finding it really hard to pay a phone bill, or whatever it may be, reaching out to those guys can be the difference between putting food on the table, or not, that night.  It’s a really important charity for us, because we’ve all been there.  Most of the band are full-time musicians, so a charity like Support Act, it means the world to us that they exist, because we’re the sort of people that benefit from their help more often than not.”

More information and tickets here.

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