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Joan and the Giants

“We chose the name because it has strength.  We weren’t really committed to our last band name, but this one gives us such confidence in what we’re doing.”

That’s Grace Newton-Wordsworth, vocalist and songwriter with Joan & The Giants, speaking about her band’s change of name.  Formerly known as Platform 2, it doesn’t look like the band will be doing a lot of looking back, as their bio has Joan & The Giants being formed in 2019 by vocalist Newton-Wordsworth and guitarist, Aaron Birch.

We’re all for rewriting history here at Around The Sound; who would want to stand in the way of creativity?  What’s that line from that old 80s rocker? Don’t look back/you can never look back.  But, while you’re dipping into the new single from Joan & The Giants, ‘Hold Me’, take a moment to check out the Platform 2 back catalogue.  It may be brief, but ‘Say You’re Sorry’ is worth your time and will make beautiful exercise for your ears.  Then, get off the platform and get on board with the new outfit, because Joan & The Giant’s are going places.


“I really feel like our song writing has developed and we’ve hit a creative peak now,” said Newton-Wordsworth.  “The new name has really given me a new lease on what we do.  I feel really good about the new single, performing live, and we’ve got so much more that we’re working on.”

“Yes, it just feels right now,” added Birch.  “When we came up with the name, we just knew it was right.  This year is going to be a good one for us.”

Describing themselves as an indie alt-pop band, comparisons to Florence + The Machine aren’t totally out of order, although Newton-Wordsworth would be the first to say that such connections are more the stuff of dreams that reality, for now, at least.


“That’s such a nice thing to say and I love Florence (Henderson), but we’re not there yet.”

There’s a far-away look in Newton-Wordsworth’s eyes as she says this, a smile on her face that says, ‘no harm in dreaming’.

We agree.  Based on their output so far, Joan & The Giants just might be.

On tour
Joan & The Giants are touring extensively across WA right now and they launch single ‘Hold Me’ at The Bird today.

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