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American rock band Thrice will be heading to the Amplifier Bar on Tuesday, May 21st during their Australian tour.  Around The Sound had the chance to speak with drummer Riley Breckenridge about what is going on in the world of Thrice as they embark on their first tour down under in over a decade.

I asked Riley about his previous experiences about playing in Australia and how excited he is for the upcoming tour.
“Its been like 10 years since we’ve been down there and every experience where we have been there has been amazing. The first time we were there we were pushed to support slots and then even headline spots on certain shows, and that really let us know that Australia had a liking for what we were doing, and then we came down in 2008 and Australia showed us even further that they enjoyed what we were doing, and it’s been a huge bummer we haven’t been able to be there for so long, whether it was family emergencies, promoter things happening, we’re still so grateful to be coming back and it’s been way too long. It’s been something that’s been on our radar for a long time. We’ve had some of the best shows we’ve ever had down under. To come back for this tour is just something that is very exciting for us.”
I was then curious as to how the heck they have managed to keep their original lineup together for 21 years without any changes.
“It helps the bass player and I are brothers, two guys that are used to being around each other so much – overall I think we feel very lucky to be able to do this. We are aware that what we do as a band is very dependent on what each other bring to the table. The writing process, everybody writes. It’s a collaborative process. Very early on we realised that no individual person is bigger than any other part. We realised early on in the bands career, we had a little more lenience toward what may annoy us about one another because we knew what we had was special and to focus on the greater good”
I pressed on if the band has anything else it would like to accomplish, aside from some ‘pie in the sky’ type ideas such as playing at the Hollywood Bowl or Wembley Stadium, Riley spoke honestly.
“Early on our expectations were so low that everything that came afterward has been amazing. We were dreaming about playing in a 500 cap room in our hometown 20 years ago, and we did it. We don’t really have any long term goals in this band other than to make music. I could die today with what I’ve done in the music industry and be so content because its far beyond anything I could have ever imagined possible.”
On why the people of Perth should be there on May 21st at Amplifier:
“We only come there once a decade, apparently! So we may not be back by 2030 and I might be dead by then. One of the most real things about our band is that there’s a honesty and forthrightness to what we do, we’re not trying to be rockstars, we don’t need confetti and fireworks, we’re a band that plays music, we don’t rely on samples and programmed shit to make us sound good, our singer can actually sing, we can play all our instruments, and if you want to come see a real rock band play a show, come and see a rock show.”
I know I will be there to witness a real rock show, the question is – will you be there too Perth?

Tickets can be secured through Oztix here

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