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Perth’s Ah Trees beguile once more with a new video for their single, Nara

Ah Trees

Perth’s Ah Trees beguile once more with a new video for their single, Nara.

After a year or so of strong gigging Perth five-piece Ah Trees released their debut EP in late 2016 with pleasing results.

A debut release is always something of a leap of faith for any band, but Ah Trees’ confidence in themselves has paid some real dividends.

“We were stoked with how many people have supported the release,” says vocalist, Ryan Adair. “The decision to drop an EP in November could’ve ended up as a cautionary tale to other bands – it’s a pretty busy time of year on the music calendar – though thankfully, people have enjoyed the music, come to shows, and played the songs on radio, streaming and online.”

Three singles were released from the EP which saw Ah Trees play gigs over in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. This week sees them launch the video clip for the song, Nara, which the band are set to do with some well-deserved aplomb.

“Getting to do an Australian tour was the icing on a particularly sweet cake and an awesome way of celebrating that release and all the work that came before it. Getting the chance to play to people who have heard the music though hadn’t been able to see it live, that was real special.”


Nara sees us having our last EP sponsored excuse for a party,” Adair says. ”The times are a changing and we’re moving on musically too, though we love what we created and are stoked people other than our mums think it’s pretty cool too.

“Mums are cool though, just need to clarify that.”

The song, Nara, itself, was first conceived by Adair as he was travelling to the Japanese town of the same name.

As I was watching the commuters on the trains gently drift in and out of sleep at each stop, it gave me the idea for a song that was kind of like a day dream, where the music floats almost in and out of consciousness,” he reflects.

“At the time my wife-to-be and I were learning all there was to a commitment of forever; the song itself was kind of my open letter to her in a way. Admitting my mistakes and in a roundabout way asking for forgiveness. Yet being the guy that prefers sad endings in movies – the string sections were inspired by sad Disney films as a kid – I daydreamed down the darker path. That’s where the reality of the song starts to blend with fiction a little. Though we are about dancing through the sadness, so we wanted the music to reflect that, something to groove to while being a sook! (laughs).”

The video clip has similar, yet different foreign hues, being filmed by director, Sam Lara, during a unexpected/extended stay in Vienna with her sick grandmother.

“I met Sam through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and have been lucky enough to have two videos made by her, the first being Team Sports and now Nara.

“I often think once she gets her hands on a song, it’s like it doesn’t belong to the band anymore, it belongs to the video. She really sees, feels and vibes what we’re about and pulls these ideas out of our songs that just say more than my words ever could. Thanks to Sam – a stranded, Australian filmmaker in Vienna – who then brought together an Austrian DJ-ing Doctor, an ex-drag queen turned agent, two models, a man named Peter and a professional long-boarder, we now have Nara, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

By way of launching Nara, Ah Trees will perform along live to the video, which seems a nice way to brings things full circle for the EP itself. From there, it’s all about just getting on with things.

“We’ve got a few gigs planned,” Adair says. “Some support shows with other awesome Perth bands such as Almond Soy and Hyla; possibly a couple of haircuts; working on some new music. We’ve just finished a new single that we’ll be releasing a little later in the year and now, having done the Australian tour we’d like to take our show around our home state ‘officially’. So we’ll probably organise something fun like that around the release too. Everything else we’ll take as it comes… ebbing and flowing.”

Ah Trees launch the Nara clip at The Bird on Friday, March 17, with RAKSHA, Bad Friends and Stella Donnelly. 


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