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Duncan Saige
Duncan Saige

Duncan Saige is an indie/folk singer-songwriter from Perth/Margaret River, WA. ‘Duncan Saige’ was born after Henry Clarke (Stillwater Giants) gradually assembled various oodles and riffs on his guitar, sounding like some kind of hybrid Jeff Buckley/Radiohead/Supergrass behemoth.

Around The Sound caught up with Clarke to find out more about this solo project, sharing a cuppa with the seriously hung over artist (tea for us, triple-shot espresso for him) at a swanky café overlooking Perth’s coastline.  He chose the seat with his back to the sun, for obvious reasons.

A self-identified folk/indie artist, we started out by asking Clarke what his folk on the increasingly ubiquitous and ever expanding genre that is folk.

“I grew up listening to folk and singer songwriters through Mum and Dad’s collection, Paul Kelly and Crowded House, but a lot of the biggest influences I got were through rock bands.  What’s really in my blood is rock and roll.  When I write songs, it’s very organic, just me and a guitar, and I think that’s why singer song writer is the backbone of all my songs.  My understanding of folk music is probably not correct…”

OK, so that explains a lot, including Clarke’s cited influences on current single, ‘Under The Weather’, which has a great Supergrass vibe to it, as well as that complicated, fidgety thing that Radiohead do so well.  Here’s an artist confident enough to go after any sound he wants.  Here, also, is an artist who’s making music so sublimely original that genres don’t really mean anything other than to give those not already in the know a bit of an intro to his oeuvre.

“More recently, I’ve just gone back into a punk phase.  I was listening to all this Frenzal Rhomb yesterday, all kinds of weird and wonderful things.  Anything by Rage Against The Machine… basically I’ll listen to anything, although I’ve never really been a rap, hip hop kind of guy.  Generally guitar and melodies stick out the most for me.


“I would like to start a punk band, though.  I’m off to London at the end of October.  maybe I’ll start one while I’m over there.”

We’d like to see that!

Duncan Saige’s current single ‘Under The Weather’ is an irrepressibly upbeat offering that points forward while talking a quick glance back at the ruins of a past relationship, reflecting on some tough points surrounding a break-up and entering new chapters in life.

Come back soon to find out how coming off his bike and smashing his collar bone changed his life for ever and more fun facts about Perth’s international man of music.

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