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Australian blues-rock trio Vdelli has released their album Now. The new album, the seventh for the band, featuring singer-guitarist Michael Vdelli, Ric Whittle (drums) and Tony Gibbs (bass), is a variegated collection of songs that seemingly utilise the blues genre’s entire expanse of possibilities.

The album’s opener, Downtown, which is also the latest single, exemplifies the band’s discursive approach, led by guitar riffs that veer from southern rock to chugging metal; the track reveals above all else an inarguable display of musicianship and artistic focus, one that such a musical classification requires.

Circling this identifiably rich centre of intention are tracks that highlight funk hues, such as Pick up the Pace, more classic old school blues, as in The Night Belongs to Me, and a less souped-up form that relies on the kind of intimacy and affability more purist formats conjure—this highlighted on Armchair Blues.

Michael Vdelli’s vocal performances are suitably pliant and in concordance with these changes in blues-rock recipes, from issuing swaggering intent on Use Your Magic to belting out strident, combustible cadences on What’s in Your Head. Aside from the considerations given to track order, The Night Belongs To Me, for example, is well-placed in the middle, Stephinwolf an obvious choice for last, there is also a consistency of melodic choices.

What is most pertinent here is that these kinds of rock records are still put out there. Label this style as culturally and historically significant but do not relegate it to the ash heap of history just yet—this is a kind of language that needn’t be lost to more seemingly culturally reflective nuances.

Vdelli can efficiently and persuasively talk the talk, and if you don’t understand it, an attempt at embracing it, even for a short period, might be more rewarding than you anticipate.