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Ra Ra Viper
Ra Ra Viper

“Put simply, Ra Ra Viper is a four-piece band from the Western Suburbs. We enjoy playing songs to friends, family and people that turn up on the night” says Oliver Bolt, Singer/Guitarist. “The band is made up of four good mates – Stacey, Julian, Ollie and myself”.

Bolt name-checks Stella Donnelly and “old Kings of Leon” among the band’s influences. “We have a late-night practice session which involves a balance of maintaining relationships with neighbours and listening for melodies. We usually write stuff to good old run of the mill themes such as chasing lovers, growing up, and burning out”.

Having been gigging “a whole six months”, Bolt admits “Prior to throwing us into gigs I was anxious that we would not be ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’ enough to get by.”

They must be doing alright, they’re in print.

My compliment regarding a Ra Ra Viper gig I attended recently meets a self-effacing response – “Tight? I imagine you may have had a few exports under your belt that night…”

To be fair, he’s probably right about the exports. Their single launch happens April 12th @ 459. Oliver assures me “this will be a messy night”.


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