Bobby Burgess


"As you may or may not know our dear friend Bobby Burgess was involved in a terrible accident in the U.S. a few weeks ago. With medical and rehabilitation fees looming, he’s gonna need our help to get back on his feet." TIM HAMZAH fills us in on how his dear friend is progressing ahead of a benefit show at Badlands tonight...

What's the latest on Bobby's condition?

Bobby is doing okay. His initial injuries were serious, he spent some time in ICU waiting for the swelling in his brain to reduce so that surgery could be performed on his head, broken leg and shoulder. After hearing of his brain injury it was a huge relief to hear that he still had his dry wit and sense of humour, he was still our Bob! He’ll be bed ridden for the next couple of months nursing his broken bones before he can get up and about and start proper rehabilitation.

What exactly happened?

To be honest we don’t quite have the full story, I’m not sure Bobby will even know. What we do know is that he was hit by an unlicensed out-of-state vehicle in New York.

What had he been up to musically in the US prior to the accident?

He had been DJing in a few Brooklyn dive bars and had started up a little rock’n’roll band called The Pros. Living out his NYC rock’n’roll dream.

Give us your thoughts on Bobby as both a friend and musician...

Bobby is a no-bullshit, loyal, get things done kinda guy. A good friend that is loved by many! As a musician he is an absolute gun. One of the greatest guitar players I’ve known in my 20 years in the scene. He could shred the pants off you but always knew when to hold back. He has always been very innovative, he drew influence not just from the classic guitar bands but found inspiration across the whole spectrum of musical genres from old school funk and folk all the way through to contemporary electronic music.

There's been a lot of support shown several times this year for musicians with health battles. Musos really pitch in for their friends and colleagues, don't they?

It really goes to show the sense of community in the scene, especially here in Perth. I was absolutely astounded by the support I received when i started planning the benefit show. People from small, unknown bands to much larger internationally successful acts were really quick to not only check that Bobby was okay, but to see how they could help. I realised quickly why I’ve stayed a part of the scene for as long as I have. The community all pull together when someone is in need, regardless of stature or fame. We’ve all played those shitty little gigs in small venues together and even those who made it to the bigger stage don’t forget that.

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