Web Rumors


The Bird
12 April

Web Rumors launched their latest single, ‘Sinner (For Your Love)’ at The Bird last Friday 12 April.  Around The Sound’s Bridey Eggleton went along to check them out.

I can see Web Rumors becoming a very big name in Perth sometime soon.  If you’re yet to hear them do yourself a favour and check them out!

Going into the city on a Friday night is, and always will be, interesting.  You never quite know what exactly to expect, especially when there are 9.30 pm ambulance calls and new music to experience.  Fortunately the ambulance wasn’t for me or mine and I hope whoever needed it is all good now.  But the new music, ah, that was quite something!

Walking into The Bird I was greeted by friendly faces and the music of Lyndon Blue, who is now a member of Methyl Ethel. He chatted from the stage about how he’d only met his current band mates the day before and that they’d only practiced once, and they then went on to play a set that featured a very clean cut sound with no discernible impact from the lack of rehearsal.  By the end of their set, these pros had the whole crowd dancing!

Blue has been busy in Australia’s underground music scene for the better part of a decade, perhaps best known for subtly jazz-tinged electronica projects. This was noticeable in band format, too, the stage was filled with jazz, combined deftly with their own take on indie rock.  Among the appreciative, sell out crowd was Jake Webb, Blue’s bandmate from Methyl Ethel and drummer, Chris Wright, who also is sound engineer at The Bird.

Checking out each other’s music and performances is just one of the many things that makes the Perth music scene so alive right now.

Shortly after Lyndon Blue left the stage Web Rumors graced it with their presence. The six piece we’re releasing their single ‘Sinner (For Your Love) and came on looking resplendent in matching leopard print.

With influences of the likes of Roxy Music, Sade, Neu and Gary Newman feeding into Web Rumors’  electric pop/new-wave sound, there’s a lot to like about this outfit that initially formed for just one gig.   They also have a quite indie/jazz/rock sound which can be felt through the drum beats and the sax solos throughout their set.

Thanking the artists they had gone before them, Web Rumors immediately had all of The Bird dancing and singing along to their funky songs.  It was a very unique gig and I simply couldn’t resist dancing along to the magic of their sound.   One moment there was a sax solo, the next a strong drum line, or even keys and bass coming through.  There was never a dull moment and it delighted my ears to hear so many different sounds.

I was thrilled to attend their launch and I can see Web Rumors becoming a very big name in Perth sometime soon.  If you’re yet to hear them do yourself a favour and check them out!

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