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Wednesday 13
Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13 will be in Perth for a date at Rock Rover on Tuesday 27 August with Static-X and Dope. Around The Sound‘s Karlifornia Infirri spoke to Wednesday 13 in the lead up to the show …

Karlifornia: Hows life been treating you bro?

Wednesday 13: Busy and glad to be busy. It’s good. We just finished up a six-week US tour right before this, and we had just did another six weeks with Cradle of Filth. And so we’ve just been busy touring and we’re about to come to Australia in a couple of weeks and then the records out next month and then we’re touring the UK and Europe. So just no rest for the wicked as they say. Yeah, busy busy. 

Karlifornia: So the new album ‘Necrophaze’ is out September 27th. What are some of the themes in inspirations behind the record?  

Wednesday 13: You know with this record, you know, it’s me kind of sort of reconnecting with I guess the whole reason why I do this, you know, this will be almost 15 years since I started The Wednesday 13 solo thing and over the years it has changed and morphed into what it is now. So this this new record means a lot to me. I kind of look at it as 15 years of experience overlooked what Wednesday 13 is, so we’ve kind of made the right adjustments and sort of constructed the ultimate Frankenstein monster, I like to call it. We have turned up the voltage. We think we perfected this monster to be abnormally, correct, right. 

Karlifornia: So you believe that this is the ultimate Wednesday 13 album? 


Wednesday 13: I have to think so. I think if you know if we had to sum up the best of where we are now and what we’ve done over the years and was still you know, paying the, you know, respect to the past and I think for any old fan that got the Transylvania record. I think they’ll find a lot of stuff similar in this with a lot of new stuff as well. So. There’s a lot of room to breathe and in this record there’s a lot of room for everyone inside this little tiny haunted house we’ve created really. 

Karlifornia: You are heading back to Australia soon. I just want to ask you what some of your Fondest Memories are of some of your times being in Australia?

Wednesday 13: Oh, man, there’s too many. I mean being a part of the Soundwave and Big Day Out festivals with previous, you know tours with Wednesday 13 and Murder Dolls were were amazing. So many good times. I don’t even remember because I had such a good time. I drank my memory away. So most of those memories are contributed to you know, being at the Cherry bar and Melbourne of AC/DC Lane and getting wasted with the fans after a show and finding a hangover on the flight to the next gig and that’s for me for my memories of Australia. So I’m hoping. With this tour, and and even the last one I get to be a little more awake and out of the the drinking fog. So I’m looking forward now to a lot of my touring experiences with a clear head so I can kind of go out and sightsee a little bit since the first 15 years was just drinking inside the bars. I’ve seen the inside, now I want to see the outside.

Karlifornia: Yeah, that sounds good, man. I know exactly what you mean. I actually just put on like a mini rock festival in my city like last weekend and I’m a little disappointed in myself for having so much to drink because now I feel like I don’t remember as much as I should – that shit always happens. 

Wednesday 13: (laughs) Yeah, you know, that’s what that’s what friends are for to remind you of what you did.

Karlifornia: (laughs) Bingo bro. So you’re heading here with Dope and Static-X. That’s a pretty wild lineup. And for $60 Australian. That’s an insane deal. How excited are you to be on this tour with these two? 

Wednesday 13: It’s great. We just finished up six weeks and the states with them. So we’re looking forward to taking the same tour to Australia and then we follow that up with the UK and Europe and then ending the year again, so it’s it’s an all year tour with with Static-X and Dope. It’s been it’s exciting and we’ve known those guys for a long time. So it’s like a year-long like; family reunions sort of tour, right?

Karlifornia: It must mean a lot to you to be able to be a part of the tribute in celebration to Wayne Static. 

Wednesday 13: Absolutely. I mean we all have our own stories and connections with Wayne and different ways but you know, there’s a lot of people that are on this tour that were, you know, a part of that, you know, Static-X, you know, Tony and Ken and Koichi and you know all those guys it’s just, you know, seeing their family come out on the tour and seeing that, you know, seeing that Wayne’s family of approved of it. Just seeing that behind the scenes for me was enough to know that this was even more special because I saw that they approved of it and so it just made it even better for me. So I know that their heart is into it. So it’s cool to see all the love and respect, you know for Wayne and what his musics did for people. I think I’m the realization now that just how important music is and how it can last and how when an artist like that passes away, you know, you have their music that lives on and you know that goes for people like Wayne and Bowie and Lemmy and so on and so on, you know, that’s why music is so important and it speaks to people and so many levels. So it’s cool that he can get repaid back. Unfortunately. He’s not here to witness it but but I think he knows that it’s what is happening. You know, wherever he is at this at this point. 

Karlifornia: Yeah. Absolutely dude. I think it’s a really great thing, something so meaningful as this. That’s what’s taking place at the moment and I for one can’t wait to be there when you guys come to Perth. In your career so far you’ve accomplished quite a lot. Do you have any other things that you wish to accomplish? Is there anything I guess on the bucket list or whatever you want to call it.   

Wednesday 13: Yeah so much, you know, I mean to me I just feel like I’ve just sort of scratched the surface, I’ve been doing this for a long time, but haven’t really exposed what we do to to a mass audience yet. So that’s on my bucket list to let the rest of the world in on this secret. That is Wednesday 13 has been going on for all these years. To keep making records that make people happy and along the way that makes me happy as well. So I’ve got a pretty cool life. I just I just want to live it more and more. I’m in a good headspace and it’s a good time to be me. 

Karlifornia: That’s awesome man. I’m gathering from you know, just speaking with you today that you really feel like right now this point in your life – you’ve got everything as together as you’ve ever had. Is that true? 

Wednesday 13: I would say you are correct on that. It definitely feels that way. It definitely feels like everything’s lined up and we’ve never had things, you know this well-crafted before and and I think this just has taken time. I think it’s taken all these years to finally get there. Not that what I’ve done in the past is bad or anything. I just think it’s been a work in progress and I feel like with this record and where I am, you know in my own head space now, I just feel like I’m at the top of my game and and you know, I’m hungry for it. You know, I’ve got my I got my fire back that I had as you know when I first started this so yeah, it’s a it’s a good time right now.

Karlifornia: It’s good to hear man. I really want to thank you again for having a chat with me today, and I’ll let you go now. So I really look forward to uh, seeing you perform later on this month and wish you the best. 

Wednesday 13: Awesome buddy. Thank you, man. Will see you soon.

For event information and tickets, click here.

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