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West Australian Ballet – GALA Performances His Majesty’s Theater 19 NOV 2020 Review by: Alexis Naylor Photos by: Bradbury Photography

GALA was born as a showcase of the very best of the last eight years at the West Australian Ballet with Artistic Director Aurélien Scannella at the helm. He hand-picked works as a combination of audience favourites, critically acclaimed pieces, their dances much loved excerpts and his own personal favourites which showcase the diversity and talent of their Company.

The West Australian Ballet

Filled with excerpts from iconic classical, neo-classical, and contemporary works including Don Quixote, Le Corsaire, The Great Gatsby, Takuto, Radio & Juliet plus so much more.

Arriving at His Majesty’s Theatre, it was alive with excitement and anticipation. ACT I commenced with Takuto and I was speechless, it is powerful, emotive and it is impressive. Impressive to witness dancers be challenged in different ways, not only in movement but with their Taiko Drumming skills. A feast for the senses is an understatement and as ACT I continued, I went through a world of emotion.

Ballet 101 had me in stitches of laughter as a comical excerpt, but also jaw droppingly in awe of how technically challenging it is. ACT II commenced and I was engaged and in awe once again with the talented choreography, music choices and staging. Watching the principal dancers and Company is mesmerizing, they transport you to another place and are entirely convincing in emotion.

If you are a regular at the ballet or it’s your first time, I encourage you to see this performance. It has been designed for all ages and it is a joy to watch dancers exude their passion for this exquisite art-form and Company.