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Dark at the Den

Dark at the Den is a new festival being staged at The Den in Inglewood, with the first installment on 15 September.  The event will showcase ten bands over two stages as well as surprise festival performers.

Around The Sound spoke to Lachlan Wood, Dark at the Den’s creator and main curator.

It’s time for a revolution, right?  We’ve got politicians who can’t stop tearing each other down.  The rise of the right; and the left, although the left is busy disappearing up it’s own rectum, too much consumed with shrill whining about political correctness to be effective in providing anything like leadership.  And it’s still raining in Perth in September.  There’s definitely something wrong with the world, something that needs putting right. Right?

Who’s gonna save us?  Maybe, music?

Listen to Lachlan Wood talk about his latest music collaboration, the Dark at the Den festival, and you could be forgiven for thinking that his approach to this project just might set the world to rights.

“What we’re trying to do is bring continuity back, to create the collective again.  We wanted to bring a whole bunch of bands together, who you wouldn’t regularly see on the same line up, but who are part of the Perth heavy music scene, to breed that connection and that family atmosphere and working together.  The ethos I always think of is that Nirvana came out of the Seattle Grunge scene, Guns N’ Roses came out of the Los Angeles Glam scene.  For every one of those bands there were 50 bands behind them.  So, we’re about those 50 bands.  If one of us wins, we all win, so we need to work together.”

“Before there was social media everyone would get together and do flyer parties in a coffee shop, or somewhere like that, and then just take to the streets.  And that’s what we’re after, that sort of atmosphere.  We’re trying to bring it back.”

But then Wood goes and says something that makes you think he might not be the messiah after all.  Maybe just a naughty boy?

“I think we’re all a bit sick of shit shows.  Everything seems very one-off at the moment in Perth.  We’re trying to take it out of the hands of the clique who are doing one sort of show with the same bands and make it more of a festival atmosphere.”

We’ll just let that rest there for a while, on the plate with a bit of tin foil over it, give you a chance to mull it over, work the angles.

We can hear the objections right now.  No one ever says anything negative about music and promoters and the like here in Perth.  It’s such a small town, someone is bound to hunt you down and give you a mild telling off, or tell you their venue is full every time you try to book a band.

Maybe that’s why everyone just keeps it all on the level?  Nice gig, great venue, good band.

But we think Wood will be able to hold his own.  Of the maybe three people who will read this article, it’s likely that the number who could take him on in an argument, or a game of Connect Four, would be so statistically close to zero as to not matter anyway.

“I’m a little bit selfish in that I do this work (promote music) first and foremost for myself, although I do enjoy it, and it’s good to see it taking off a little bit.  If I was in it for the money, I would have been a lawyer, because I like to argue, and I like comfort.”

You have been warned!

Getting back to the show …

“This is my first festival.  It’s the biggest show I’ve ever booked.  It’s already far surpassed any of the other shows I’ve ever done, in terms of the numbers of people it’s attracting, the attention, the amount of bands, the sponsors and the promotional deals we have attached to it, which is awesome to see.  And I think it’s going to keep going, so I’m pretty excited about it.”

And the line up …

“The line up was selected very carefully to be a mixed bag and to take people who might like punk and introduce them to a little bit of metal, and people who might like metal and introduce them to a bit of hardcore, or psychedelic, or prog.  There’s just a whole bunch of different bands that we think definitely represent their own niche, but also can work together really well.  And they’re also bands that I’m 100 per cent a big fan of.”

Let’s sum up a little bit here.  Wood is all about bringing back a sense of community or ‘scene’ here in Perth.  He’s about giving people an opportunity to move from the familiar to the unfamiliar musically and have a blast while they’re doing it in a friendly venue with interesting stuff happening and, heaven forfend, cheap drinks.  Good job it’s a local show for local people.  Shhhh, no one tell the fun police.

Dark at The Den takes place on Saturday 15 September at The Den in Inglewood.  For more details check the event page here.

Dark at the Den features:

… and more.  Watch this space.

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