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Emerging LA-Based, Australian Producer Gem is an artist with the world at her feet and a burning ambition to use her platform for good. Having recently been voted one of the Top 5 Female Producers in the world to watch by Showbiz Magazine and welcomed into music’s inner circle as a member of the 20/21 Grammy NEXT program, Gem is literally making waves with some of the industry’s biggest names.

It’s not hard to see why either, with her aptly titled new track ‘Malibu‘ certain to make a positive splash at a time when the world needs peace, hope and healing more than ever. The track which was inspired by a dream, was recorded in the frequency of 432 hertz which is said to be the frequency of the Universe. Having cosmic powers, 432hz has attracted masses of new age audiences to engage with the concept of sound healing. 

As Gem explains, “This is my love letter to the Universe, written with the intention of manifesting new love and produced in 432hz, I wanted to experiment with the powerful formula of frequency + intention = healing”.  

Dreamy, contemplative and deeply hypnotic,Malibu‘ is a track that inspires meditation and reflection and will transport you to an ethereal place. The mood is magnificently captured with the accompanying 4D music video, created by emerging digital creator Hussam Eissa from Egypt, that literally transports us right into Gem’s dream and features stunning visuals including a couple of translucent flying purple whales (checkout the video and you will get what we are talking about!)

We hooked up a Zoom call between Gem and rising Perth Artist Young Dapper for Around the Sound’s latest installment of “Dapper Chats” and it’s fair to say that the pair took the conversation in some deep, spiritual and inspiring directions…

YD: Hey Gem, how are you going, how is everything going after the release of Malibu?

Gem: It’s just been beautiful, I mean it’s a strange time to release music in COVID because you can’t go perform it. And so it’s a little bittersweet because I do miss DJing and seeing faces, looking back at me, it’s that energy that you get from other humans, you can’t really replace that. But I have had just a really nice time caught up in my studio making music and just using this time to, you know, just hone in on the frequencies I want to produce in and I get to do interviews like this, and hearing feedback on Malibu which has been really beautiful. 

YD: Did you record Malibu in the period of COVID, or was it something that you had previously done?

Gem: No, it’s all been a COVID baby, so I just locked myself off and made music. I felt like I was already on this journey of wanting to create something a little more spiritual and I’ve been learning about sound healing and frequencies for a while and then COVID happened and I thought you know, the world needs a bit of love right now we need some positive music and we need some happy inputs and so it was very intentional in that way during Covid to make something a little tranquil, a little relaxing and just raise the vibration, because it’s a tough time for people right now. 

YD: It is and in this tough time, it’s very hard for people to conceive the idea of manifestation because everything around them looks bleak and dark. Honestly, I’ve been so excited about interviewing you because from the moment that I read about the 432hz and the way that we vibrate, I knew that you were someone special because there’s not many people that look on a deeper level so can you please tell me, how did you get to the point where you found out about the 432hz, and that journey that you now find yourself on?

Gem: Yeah, I love that you love it thank you and I think I was doing some sound healing classes in San Francisco. I usually live in LA, but I’m currently in Sydney, Australia and I’m in studios a lot and I think a lot of the cool music is quite dark. I think I was just getting quite worn down or just a lot of dark inputs and it was just having a toll on me and so it was just a very personal thing where I was like, I’m gonna make some feel good stuff. Then I thought well hang on what is that, is it a lyric? is it a melody? Like partly, absolutely but I thought what if there was something that could actually reharmonize and rebalance yourself and it’s actually working from the inside out as well as the melody as well as the lyrics and so I just started researching and I found the scale called the Solfeggio Scale that led me down in deep deep deep rabbit hole of learning about frequencies and I stumbled on 432hz which is aligned with the universe and it felt like the right one to start with, because it does unlock aligning with the universe and manifesting whatever your heart’s desires are and I think that at this time. just like you said you know it’s difficult to imagine a way out. We’re all isolating, it’s all very unusual and we’re missing that human connection and so I just thought 432hz is a beautiful way to start this record and introduce the project. My hope was that people might be a little more receptive to learning about it during a time like this, because there might be something that they’re needing, 

YD: I think the way that you’ve done this is absolutely amazing because right now, when, for the first time in the world, people are forced to stop, you know, and when people stop they look inwardly and they reflect on themselves a lot more. Just in the last three weeks, my whole journey within myself and my spiritual alignment has gone crazy. I was in church years ago and now I’m not in church but I’m still finding myself going down this path where I want to impact people with love and positivity but there’s a very strong spiritual side that helps you with that. A song with 432hz just blew my mind, I did not realize that until you opened my mind up, so it’s already changed my life!

Gem: I just love that it resonates with you. I was listening to your music before I jumped on and you have so many great messages embedded in your music and I was like “YES!” we are gonna get along. I can just feel your heart through the music, I could just feel it and I thought you know that’s what it’s about. It’s about infusing yourself, I try to be a really positive person and I’m just trying to create the music that I was looking for, for myself. It should be a really good feeling and I want to leave people a little better. That’s just my whole goal and I think this frequency is really nice. I think it’s a compliment but my friends say “We listen to your songs and we fall asleep.” I wasn’t trying to put you to sleep but I love that it’s relaxing and I think that it has just that deep relaxation and as you said, it’s a time to stop and contemplate what’s next. 

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YD: As a generation, we are taught to be busy, busy, busy. Put on more stress, more stress, more stress. But our bodies, and every living organism on this planet is not designed to undergo so much stress. So, the fact that your friends say “it makes you want to go to sleep,” How many times do you lay out all night, not being able to sleep because of stress? So that’s a massive compliment! I know that you’ve got another EP coming out in the near future. Is the whole vision for the EP the same idea to unlock more spiritual journeys and healing?

Gem: That’s absolutely the whole premise. Some of them are in frequencies like ‘Malibu‘ which are really known for healing, and some of them were just my own experiments that just felt good to me and I’ve aligned them with different parts of the body and different meanings.

There is one on YouTube that’s for releasing toxic thoughts and letting go of negative emotions. I think, clearing is just as important as healing and each of the songs have their own little purpose and I just hope there is one on there for everyone that just hits them in the right way, whatever it is that they need. I was thinking, it might sound crazy but as producers, as artists, as musicians we kind of have a responsibility to make things that are good for people and you really touched on something when you said you were stressed and were busy and I think, even sonically like sounds you know there’s sirens and there’s glasses and there’s noise all around us. I know sometimes you’re sitting in a restaurant and it’s stressful because it’s so loud and you’re getting louder and louder to talk to everyone and so you need this time just be, like okay, silence, stop. I think we are able to replenish sonically as well which is an interesting concept and I just wonder what the future will be for Music and Musicians and I do see potential for “feel good festivals” and people like you with positive messages and people like me who are doing spiritual mixes and focusing on vibration. 

YD: I think we’re living in a day and age where we’re not taught to feel and we’re not taught to express ourselves. Well, we are, but when it comes to being “different” or standing out and really being different, then it’s people like yourself that are starting to lead the way when you put out music like this, because it’s not common knowledge to people. I think the future is bright. I can see that you’re driven to be able to change lives and we need more people in the industry that are full of knowledge so they can actually make a difference. It really hit me when you talked about stopping and letting the frequency hit you. I really felt that when I was listening to ‘Malibu.’ It’s so beautiful, the lyrics and the way that you deliver them and then you leave this beautiful space between lyrics. It’s like you’re able to meditate on the lyrics and also meditate on the vibration and just take it in, the track really gives you room to heal. If that makes sense…

Gem: I love hearing that so much thank you, Yeah I wanted it to feel like a wave unfolding and you’re letting the love out but you’re also letting it in. I think for a lot of people we give so much and we forget, hang on we’re in need as well. We need to deliver that back to ourselves and self love is so misunderstood you know it’s this thing where I think we forget to do it. At least I do and when I see it with my friends, they’re the first ones to pay someone else a compliment or, really be kind to a to a stranger, but then with themselves they’ll be like, Oh, I’m not pretty enough or I’m too fat, I need to go on a diet or this isn’t right, or I haven’t achieved this and I’m like Whoa! What about being kind to yourself, like that’s where it starts and I hope ‘Malibu’ makes people feel good.

YD: Malibu honestly hits. When I listened to the track, there was just this sense of absolute peace and calmness, but then there was also this sense of wonder, when you allow yourself to be hit by that frequency it comes in and then you relax and you’re left almost going “Why am I feeling like this?”.  I want to know why I’m feeling like this because this makes me feel good. We’re not used to hearing music every single day, the music’s always coming at you and it’s either gang related or guns and money and materialistic…

Gem: And then it gets stuck in your head too and it’s like catchy then you’re repeating and you’re saying these things that you never actually say in your real life, but you’re almost, saying them like an affirmation

YD: And when you speak out, it’s very very important that you know what you’re speaking out because when you speak it out the universe will deliver.

Gem: That’s true. That’s so true I have friends that listen to sad songs and they watch these really dark shows and then they’re upset and I’m like, yes, of course, look at your inputs. It’s what we eat and it’s what we feed our minds and ears and heart.

YD: It’s crazy. Like, when you go down a path and you want to enlighten and learn about enlightenment, everything changes, you want to start feeding yourself with healthier things, the people that you’re around, you want to find healthy people that impact your life in a good way.

Honestly, I already know that your single ‘Malibu’ is opening up the gateway for a lot of people to do their own self healing and self reflecting. It’s just started the ball rolling and you’re going to gain more momentum in helping people. In a previous interview you mentioned that music producers could almost be like Shamans?

Gem: It’s just a concept that I have and I think that this is my first foray into it. I just see that we could have these experiences. It doesn’t have to be a straight music festival. It could be the entire sets are higher vibe, and you’re going to come and you’ll forget the world and you’re just going to embrace this and I think that’s what people do when they go to gigs and they go to festivals and they already have this very connected wonderful experience because they’re present, they’ve already made this conscious decision, I’m going to be here and I’m going to enjoy. So imagine, we, as a producer, as an artist, are conscious about what frequencies we’re feeding them. They’re already open. they’re there to enjoy, so why not give them something that’s going to make their soul full. Helping people feel positivity, that’s my journey right now. 

YD: That’s so amazing and with Covid and everything that is going on in the world, there has never been a better time for some healing and positivity.

Gem: I think this has been a really nice way to stop and think, hang on one second, What do I actually want to do. It’s definitely been a journey. I could not have told you, three years ago, that this is what I would be doing. I know, even a year ago if I said “sound healing” to someone, they would say “oh, Gem!”. I think we are just growing up as a culture and we are learning that there are these things that can be really beneficial to us in our everyday lives and I think sound is one of them. 

Thanks to Gem, for taking the time to chat with us. This article represents approximately 20 minutes of the total 45 minute chat between Young Dapper and Gem.

If you loved what you read, be sure to hit the YouTube link and check out the full “Dapper Chat” below: