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Grace Sanders
Grace Sanders

Grace Sanders is an artist who draws on a range of influences and melds them into her own unique view on the world and song writing. 

“I think my experiences and perspective on the world make my music unique. I write in a very lyrically driven way, so most of my songs revolve around a feeling, concept or experience that I see in myself and others. There are so many beautiful singers out there and gifted songwriters, but I think what we each offer to our audiences is who we are and hopefully they can relate in a way that is authentic.”

Authenticity is a feature of Sanders’ performances, often it’s just her and her trusty Telecaster, giving it everything she’s got.  There’s no filter, what you see is what you get.  Of this, Sanders said, “There is always the aspect of a stage persona. I think that is somewhat necessary especially as a career develops to provide separation between performance and personality. However, I try to be completely honest on stage, I won’t talk candidly about everything in my life, but what I am hoping to bring is connection with the audience as I see this as the power music has. It can influence and touch people in a very personal way, and if I can be a more honest and vulnerable version of myself on stage maybe some of those people who connect with it can feel less alone in their experiences.”

Sanders’ upcoming EP is still in the making, but from what we know, we suspect it will be quite the debut.  Why not head to The Rosemount to see Sanders playing the songs from the EP and others from her already impressive catalogue?  The show is on 26 May and sees Sanders in great company with Bass Lemon, Didion’s Bible and Delivery Buoy also on the line up.

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