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8 February

Feeling out of place surrounded by AC/DC shirts and beards as well as a long way from home I was already a little worried about how the night would unfold.

The venue itself reminds me of the only club in Broome, not the best but it’s the only one around. It was an involuntary sauna as there was little to no air circulation, a lot of sweat and a whole heap of testosterone.

I saw Wolfmother play to a packed out audience at Splendour in July last year so I knew the punch that they packed and was interested to see how they would perform in a very very different space. The crowd continued to scream during the waiting music and finally they graced us with their presence.

The Aussie group had sold out both shows before heading down south to Sugarloaf Rock with other rock legends Grinspoon. The sound guy seemed to struggle as we could barely hear Ian Peres playing bass for the first few songs.

Treble was lost in a sea of bodies in the packed out crowd but no one seemed to mind as they rocked out with the three piece. Smashing out their 2005 hit Woman the audience went nuts. Frontman Andrew Stockdale had so much power over the audience, he was the puppeteer and we were his puppets. Controlling the audience to clap, scream, jump and raise their hands throughout the set he had me in awe.

Their set was full of hits as they treated the Hillarys crowd to an extended version. Playing their biggest hit Joker & the Thief the audience went wild.

Leaving the gig on the high and knowing the general law of tour posters is once the event is over its free to take, a security guard approached me aggressively told me it was their property and snatched it out of my hands, even though the other posters throughout the venue had already been grabbed by their new owners. I’ll never understand the power hungriness of security guards, they never seem to go away no matter what venue you go to.

I believe the venue has a huge impact on your experience for gigs. The sound guy eventually found his feet and managed to make the rest of the set sound great, but I think it’s down to the performers.

Wolfmother are amazing live. They keep the audience on their feet and finish their set with everyone wanting more. I will definitely see them when they are back next. However for Bar1, I’d advise to avoid it to the best of your ability.

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