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Ella Munro
Photo credit: Avalon Haloho

Ella Munro launches her single, ‘Warhorse’ at Lucy’s Love Shack on 30 March.  Self-described as a grunge folk artist testing the boundaries of political, social and controversial song writing, we found Munro very willing to share the stories and politics behind her art.

“I think it’s very important as a musician to inform people of issues, opinions and experiences by storytelling in a relatable way for the listener to feel the emotion behind it and gain a deeper understanding of a subject that they may or may not be experiencing or has experienced.”

There’s an earnestness about Munro that could sound alarm bells if she wasn’t also such a great musician and performer.  With Munro, the talent always comes first.  She has the songs and performance chops that could draw in even the most jaded audience.

Of her craft, Munro said, “I often write about political things as they affect me. When I was younger my family and I were homeless and we experienced and saw a lot of things that don’t work in regard to caring for the people in our country. Things like the plebiscite and living among the LGBTQI community and the issues we face can come up in my writing.

The earnest folk singer is on the rise.  Munro is one of a cohort coming through post Stella Donnelly and could well be the next to shine.  Check her out and make up your own mind.

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