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Get Your Music Heard
Get Your Music Heard

Did you hear the one about the Perth band that spent $15,000 recording a killer album but turned their noses up at spending even $100 on promotion?
Neither did anyone else.

If you don’t get the first point of contact right you have zero chance of cutting through and no one will ever hear your music.

I won’t name the band, but their album truly was a prog rock classic. Shame only their family and friends will ever get to hear it. And they’re not alone. Most local bands fall into the trap of spending everything on the recording and leave no budget for promotion and marketing.

Recently, I posted a question for musicians on the Around The Sound socials: ‘What stops people hearing your music?’ A lot of people were generous enough to share their ideas and there was a diverse range of opinions, all of them valid and some identifying factors beyond the control of many independent musos.

Having spoken to hundreds of independent musicians since I started Around The Sound in 2016, I can say confidently that success, no matter how you define it, comes down to three main things:

  1. Stay true to your values and never follow the pack. Following industry trends and being in-with-the-in-crowd will not help you to stand out.
  2. Be persistent. Have a plan and stick to it. Sure, you need to check in with how you’re going on a regular basis and adjust your plan, but never ever give up. Success usually takes at least 10 years of hard work.
  3. Make sure your first point of contact is a good one. As an independent artist you will be making cold contact with media outlets, promoters, festivals, venues, other bands, playlist curators, grants panels…the list is endless. If your first point of contact doesn’t draw people in, they will never listen to your music.

As a music journalist I get sent media releases and band/artis bios daily. Most of them are pretty standard, with the standard ranging from plain awful to life-suckingly boring. A lot of musicians write their own bios and media releases. Some hand over the work to PR agents who, in my experience, are equally as bad at grabbing the attention of their intended readers.

If you don’t get the first point of contact right you have zero chance of cutting through and no one will ever hear your music.

That’s where I can help.

As a music journalist, I have developed a unique and engaging style that has led to me being published in Rolling Stone and which I continue to apply when championing the local product on Around The Sound. I now have a novel in publication with Fremantle Press and am working on my second, as well as some other commissioned pieces.

My writing has a unique voice and I’d like to apply my skills to helping you get your music heard.

If you need a bio or media release, I can write it for you and I guarantee it will be more interesting and engaging that anything you or anyone else could write for you.

The best thing is, if you work with me, there will be a fee, but I’ll let you decide what I’m worth.

I’m also offering $99 single reviews so you can get a taste for my work and start getting your word out.

Get in touch now and let’s work together to get your music heard.
T: 0411 537 850



As to my skills as a writer, don’t take my word for it, here’s what some of your colleagues in the music industry have said about my work.

Andrea is a passionate supporter of West Australian music and an incredibly skilled writer. It’s a breath of fresh air to read music reviews that aren’t another reproduction of a press release. Andrea puts time and effort into carefully and passionately reviewing each song, delving below the surface and offering unique perspectives to the reader. She is an absolute asset to the music community!
Sinead O’Hara, Artist Manager and Director at BASE MGMT

Andrea has a unique flair with storytelling, possessing an ability to capture her subject’s essence while creating an intriguing world around them that effortlessly draws the reader in. She’s not content to tread the common path of others in her approach or her aims. I was lucky enough to experience this first hand when Andrea wrote an insightful and entertaining career-spanning article about me to promote my new album earlier this year. She insisted that it was a story worthy of a publication with gravitas.  Through a series of bold moves it landed in front of the editor of Rolling Stone who loved it and promptly published the piece in the August edition of the magazine – A coup for myself and Andrea and one which brought us both widespread attention. Andrea carries this belief in her work and in those she champions, always finding the more interesting narrative and angle for those she writes about.
Damien Binder, Musician

I had never met Andrea prior to her preparation of an article about me (as an artist) for Around the Sound. She watched my first live performance and then we met to discuss the article. Everyone was stunned at how astute her observations were. On top of the well written article I gleaned some insight through her words into who I am and what makes me tick.
Fran, Musician, Producer, DJ

Andrea knows and is passionate about music. She knows the music business, understands the media perspective and has a brilliant way with words. She is honest and open with her viewpoint and isn’t afraid to look at what an artist is delivering from all aspects. She  delivers her message with passion and creativity, carefully and deliberately.
Helen Townsend, Musician

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